LAUNCH DATE: May 01, 2018
ADVERTISING DATE: April 11, 2018

A timeless emblem of the land, an intricately veined maple leaf takes on an added air of
magnificance as it forms the base of a swirling celebration on this pure gold coin. The
beautiful diamond on the reverse adds brilliance to an already striking design, one that
reflects the surging pride of Canadians—for the beauty of our natural heritage, and the
innovative spirit that drives us to explore the limits of our ideas.

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  • A SHOWCASE OF PURE ARTISTRY: A soaring celebration of a nation’s pride through the majestic
    beauty of a Canadian icon, the maple leaf, which is paired with a sparkling stunner: a round, brilliant-cut
    Canadian diamond.
  • THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF CRAFTSMANSHIP: With a mirror-like proof finish, the incomparable gleam of
    99.99% pure gold easily catches the eye and provides an opulent canvas for the 0.10-carat diamond that
    represents Canada’s innovative spirit.
  • A MARK OF PRESTIGE: Measuring 3.1 millimetres in diameter, each diamond is a certified Forevermark® diamond—a prestigious brand from The De Beers Group of Companies. It is among less than 1% of the world’s diamonds that have passed a rigid selection criteria that goes beyond the standard 4Cs grading system (cut, colour, clarity, carat) to identify the diamonds that are truly among the world’s finest.
  • LASER-ETCHED GUARANTEE: Each Forevermark® diamond typically bears a laser-etched inscription inscribed 1/20th of a micron deep (the equivalent of 1/5,000th the depth of a human hair), and features the brand’s icon along with its own unique number. On the coin’s reverse, the Canadian diamond is deliberately positioned to ensure the laser mark is visible—a mark of prestige, the stamp of authenticity, and a promise that your precious gem is natural, untreated, and responsibly sourced.
  • FLAWLESS BEAUTY: Like the coin itself, your diamond is a carefully sculpted and polished masterpiece! Each one is impeccably cut by Canadian Crossworks Manufacturing to ensure supreme symmetry and the perfect proportions in order to maximize the stone’s lustre and release a dazzling light!
  • BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED: This premium product from the Royal Canadian Mint is carefully enclosed in a wooden case and packaged in a custom white beauty box, whose mix of special graphic elements gives it a contemporary look that complements the elegant artistry within.
  • A PRESTIGIOUS COLLECTING OPPORTUNITY: With only 250 available worldwide, this coin is so
    much more than a limited collectible—it is a numismatic work of art that is to yours to treasure time and time again.

Both timeless and elegant, the reverse design by Virginia Boulay radiates light through its exquisite
pairing of an engraved design and a brilliant 0.10-ct Canadian diamond. The quintessential symbol
of Canadian pride and identity, a majestic maple leaf is painstakingly brought to life by intricate
engraving that re-creates its veined lobes in exceptional detail. The large leaf is positioned to the
right to create the illusion of an overhead perspective, as though the viewer is looking down towards
the base of this Canadian celebration. Circling upward in a motion that conveys lightness, the leaves
form a precious snowflake-like nest that cradles and hoists the embedded diamond higher and
higher. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.


Additional information

UPC 6-23932-08950-1
Composition 99.99% pure gold
Mintage 250
Weight (g)* 60.08
Diameter (mm) 38
Face Value $ 250
Finish Proof
Edge Serrated
Packaging Woodcase with custom beauty box
Finished Size 114 mm x 114 mm
Artist Virginia Boulay


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