2015 Birthday Gift Set


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Celebrate those special moments in life with a coin gift set. These uncirculated coins have been carefully selected to provide you with the best examples of their kind.Gift sets can be personalized for important milestones, thoughts of best wishes, and messages to mark significant moments in the life of someone you love. Each set is presented with a beautifully-designed graphic envelope enclosed to enable for immediate posting and personalized gifting. Coins in these sets are in a blister in the inside panel of the card, while a special $1 coin is placed in the upper-half of the card and die-cut to highlight each unique design.

This set features a $1 coin with celebratory balloons and confetti. The card features fun and bright party hats and confetti.Features a specially struck $1 piece available only in this gift set.Coins included in each set are 2015-issue $2, $1, 25-cent, 10-cent and 5-cent pieces. All coins are presented in an uncirculated finish, and sets are available while supplies last. Consider this gorgeous set the next time someone you love is celebrating a birthday!

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