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To Canadians at home and abroad, the red maple leaf unites us and instils a sense of belonging regardless of our different cultures, languages and beliefs. The Royal Canadian Mint celebrates the 50th anniversary of the National Flag of Canada on the first $25 coin offered at face value.

A Royal Canadian Mint first! A $25 fine silver coin offered at face value.

Features the Canadian flag in colour

Unbeatable price! One of the most affordable fine silver (99.99% pure) coins offered by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Sugar maple trees (Acer saccharum) are a common sight in eastern Canadian forests, where they support the maple syrup industry. It is easy to see how their showy lobed leaves inspired the design of our national flag. Canadian artist Julius Csotonyi has depicted a Canadian flag billowing in the wind from the bough of a sugar maple tree, like another one of the tree’s leaves, to commemorate the conceptual origin of the design of this national symbol. Like the scarlet leaf in the center of the flag, the sugar maple’s leaves turn red in the autumn, when their chlorophyll pigments bow out and allow brilliant red and yellow accessory pigments in the leaves to wash eastern Canadian forests in vibrant warm hues.

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