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The cougar is one of Canada’s most powerful, elusive, and beautiful predators. This silent hunter is the

perfect subject for the Royal Canadian Mint’s stunning new 5-coin set. Like the sleek female cougar

whose life-cycle this set captures, the collection is rare and dazzling—and before you know it, it will

have disappeared.


  •  This beautiful 99.99% pure silver coin features expert engraving and the use of multiple finishes to bring out the stunning beauty of a female cougar as she sits silently stalking on a tree limb.
  •  Collect the entire 5-coin set to complete the story of a year in the life of a female cougar as she leaps, negotiates a mountain pass, fixes her gaze on her quarry, and stalks on a tree limb.
  •  The reverse design by Canadian artist Glen Loates features a detailed engraving of a female cougar crouching on a tree limb, set against a painted cluster of bright red, orange, yellow, and green sugar maple leaves.
  •  Celebrate the life and habits of an astonishing Canadian predator, struck in 99.99% pure silver in an engraved work of stunning artistry.
  •  A low mintage of only 8,500 coins means that this edition is sure to be sought after by collectors.
  •  Viewed together, the series showcases the variety of finishes,selective plating applications, colour, and precious metals used by Royal Canadian Mint engravers to bring life and energy to every image.
  •  The Royal Canadian Mint’s highly popular Cougar series sell out quickly.
  •  A beautiful addition to any collection featuring fine artwork, natural images, native species of Canada, symbols of power and might, or Canadiana.
  •  A thoughtful and valuable gift for nature lovers and art aficionados.


The reverse design by Canadian artist Glen Loates features a female cougar resting silently on a tree

limb. The focal point of this beautifully detailed image is the cougar’s intense gaze as she locks her

unseen prey in her sights. Her gaze will not leave this unsuspecting target until she is upon it. Her left

forepaw and muscular front arm extend down the tree limb, claws extended to ensure her grip. Her

entire body curls under her as she gathers her full power to leap. Beneath the tree limb, her long tail

provides the perfect counter-balance, ensuring the uncanny accuracy and distance of her leap. The

image is beautifully balanced by the spray of leafy maple branches, transformed to autumnal orange,

that provide the cougar with the camouflage that is so essential to her hunting success.


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